Engagement Ring Guide

What Does An Engagement Ring Symbolize?

An engagement ring has long symbolized a proposal of marriage, and our Instagram feed is full of these magic moments. You know the ones, right? Where excited, and slightly nervous, proposers are down on one knee. The meaning of an engagement ring speaks volumes: It’s a clear and tangible symbol that you are beloved, and that the person presenting the ring wants to make your relationship official.

While any ring can be considered an engagement ring, by far the most popular engagement ring contains a diamond. Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding your perfect ring. There are no rules—and that includes, what finger the engagement ring is worn on. Traditionally in Western cultures, an engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, and, like a wedding ring, it’s a clear and very visible way to indicate that you’re in a relationship. However, some cultures wear engagement rings on the right hand, because the left hand is considered unlucky. What feels right to you? However you celebrate, we’re here to help make it happen.

The Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

Traditionally, an engagement ring is what’s presented during a marriage proposal and a wedding ring is what partners give to each other during the wedding ceremony. It’s also common for an engagement ring to be more ornate than a wedding ring. One of our best selling combinations is a round diamond solitaire engagement ring paired with a diamond pavé wedding band. On the flipside, we have many customers who love to turn tradition on its head: some customers forgo the engagement ring altogether and choose matching bands. Other couples double up on sparkle, with stacking rings that bookend the engagement ring.

If you are planning to exchange wedding rings, you might wonder where to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day? Many people temporarily shift their engagement ring to their right hand on the day of the ceremony for safekeeping.

Popular Metals Used In Engagement Rings

A popular engagement ring metal among customers is definitely platinum (or white gold for people who want a platinum-look at a lower cost). Over the last few years, however, rose gold engagement rings are a fast-rising trend. Rose gold was often used in settings in the late nineteenth century, and is appreciated today for its naturally romantic appeal that particularly suits rings with vintage-inspired styles. Most recently, yellow gold engagement rings are capturing the attention of people who appreciate the way this metal’s beautiful warm glow complements engagement ring settings with coloured gemstones.

Popular Engagement Ring Settings And Styles

Technically the terms settings and styles mean different things. A craftsperson working on a custom engagement ring in the workshop will likely use the term setting when referring to the technique that’s used to set a diamond in place. Claw-style settings and bezel settings are just a few examples of setting styles in the head of a ring. There are also settings, including channel-set styles, that describe the way stones are set into the body of the ring.

But not everyone uses the term “setting” in quite the same way. We often use the term conversationally rather than technically to mean the overall style of ring in which your diamond(s) or gemstone(s) will be set.



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