• Which finger do you wear an engagement ring on?

    Which finger do you wear an engagement ring on?

    The right finger to host an engagement ring. Some might say, easy answer – it is the fourth finger on the left hand (next to the pinky finger). Others, well we are sure you have had to google search this before or ask a friend.   Yes, in Australia, and many countries around the world, we share ideas about putting the engagement ring on...
  • 9 Reasons to Choose Miossanite Over Diamonds

    9 Reasons to Choose Miossanite Over Diamonds

    Value v. Price The thought of opportunity cost comes to mind when considering the gem of your choice. What have you to personally gain from choosing one over the others? Well, with the perks of cancelling out ethical concerns pertaining to the mining of natural gems, moissanite is as beneficial for the wallet as it is for the earth! You'll have the advantage of not...
  • Engagement Ring Guide

    Engagement Ring Guide

    What Does An Engagement Ring Symbolize? An engagement ring has long symbolized a proposal of marriage, and our Instagram feed is full of these magic moments. You know the ones, right? Where excited, and slightly nervous, proposers are down on one knee. The meaning of an engagement ring speaks volumes: It’s a clear and tangible symbol that you are beloved, and that the person...
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